You have the power within you to create massive change in your life and in the world around you. It is my joy to support you and I am so proud of you for choosing the path of conscious intention and creation! Keep reading to find out how others just like YOU manifested their biggest goals and dreams using my methods and techniques inspired by ancient teachings and modern science. Are you next?

With Love, Naza

"I definitely recommend the course, Naza is an amazing, beautiful, radiant soul. I cannot believe I met this beautiful soul on the internet! Just the impact she's had on my life is amazing." - Rajeanna Jarrett


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"Naza's been helpful by encouraging me to move forward with my goals and has offered mentorship to guide me through my struggles. I believe she gives the most authentic advice since she is also coming from an academic background and life experience! She's been the kindest and one of the most supportive. I would recommend anyone to begin her program or to even reach out for advice and guidance!"

Glara R.

"Naza is such an incredible teacher. She breaks down the complex to make it simple and actionable. I had my first 5-FIGURE business launch after applying the concepts in the first few program modules, which felt absolutely incredible!"

Lisa S.

"What Naza says resonates with me. I've listened to other manifestation coaches and enrolled in a course, followed them on Instagram, but Naza understands me the most, and we have a different connection. The coach should give results, and I feel like Naza is the person I need to achieve those results!"

Hanna P.

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"Dr. Nalani is an amazing soul with valuable pieces of advice that you listen to by heart. It would take me writing a book to describe what type of beautiful influences she had on my life. I had the miraculous opportunity to attend her Intentional Dreamer’s Program and manifest my dream job at a better location with a higher salary. Naza helped me fully embrace my life as much as I embraced my past wounds. Now I am where I'd like to be, thanks to her teachings."

Newsha H.

"I created my dream room and I have finally moved in. It is exactly like manifesting a dream. Not only that, it ended up being such a comfort because I was able to use all my favourite pieces of furniture. Once we started to work out what was to be done it slowly all came into place. With the guidance of the Intentional Dreamers Program I was encouraged to map things out which helped to make the idea real. Thank you. "

Cheryl E.

"Before joining Dr. Naza's Intentional Dreamers Program, it was difficult for me to say no and prioritize my well-being outside all of my commitments. I also wasn’t sure of the best ways to check in with myself and make sure that I was truly doing okay, even if it appeared that way on the surface. Through the program, I learned that it is okay to put myself first and recognize when I need to take a step back and reflect. As an anxious person, sometimes taking a break can be a struggle and be more stressful, but Dr. Naza helped me recognize the importance of this and helped me build the tools to take these breaks without feeling guilty. Now, I feel a sense of balance in my life and feel much stronger because I am able to prioritize my well-being. It was great to be able to refer back to the videos and remind myself of different exercises based on when they were most applicable to what I was going through at the moment. It was also helpful to build my skillset each week and continually apply these skills in new ways. I definitely recommend the Intentional Dreamers Program to anyone who can relate to my story! I think the program can benefit so many people because it truly helps you develop a set of skills that you can use every day while simultaneously building confidence in your own abilities. "

Julia F.

"I wake up every day feeling even more determined! I feel like I am creating more positive energy, and I am attracting the things I have really wanted without realizing it! If you need to find a clear path and you really want to achieve your goals, this program will change everything!"

James E.

"It's been said: "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." I wouldn't be reaching this unscalable milestone if it wasn't for you and your radiant light. It's been the most rewarding journey ever, and the best part of it is I'm doing it all for ME! The certificate from your class is by far the best degree I ever received, and I'm so delighted to spread your teachings and work in your honor!"

Christy N.

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Intentional Dreamers is Naza's high-value program that has helped countless people achieve their manifestation goals and dreams faster than ever before using ancient wisdom from the Law of Attraction combined with modern knowledge from the field of neuroscience.


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